5 Reasons Why You Should Come to ICE 2021

If you’re into sustainable business, the Industrial Circular Economy Conference is for you.

The Industrial Circular Economy Conference is dedicated entirely to helping big industry figure out how to transition from the take-make waste extractive industrial model to a sustainable, circular model. Here are five reasons why you should join us online June 8-10!

1. Learn how an industrial circular economy works! 

You already know that a circular economy rests on three principles: designing out waste, keeping materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. Find out what this looks like for large-scale industries like mining, manufacturing and big tech.

2. Hear first-hand how companies are embracing the circular model.

From using bio-based resources to recycling key materials from used batteries, Canadian companies are breaking new ground in the industrial circular economy. Come find out how.

3. Learn from industrial circular economy leaders.

ICE 2021 brings together Canadian and international change makers who are committed to creating a sustainable and profitable industrial economy. Join us and learn how leaders are tackling today’s big environmental challenges.

4. Build your circular economy network.

The Industrial Circular Economy Conference is the only Canadian conference dedicated exclusively to progressive thinkers focused on cultivating a sustainable industrial sector in this country. Come meet them!

5. Get to know Metal Tech Alley.

The Industrial Circular Economy Conference is hosted by Metal Tech Alley, a group of forward-thinking Canadian entrepreneurs who have transformed the West Kootenay region into the centre of Canada’s emerging circular economy movement!