Pre-Conference Webinars

On-Demand Pre-Conference Webinars

Our free pre-conference webinars give you an opportunity to hear directly from our keynote speakers and learn more about what they’ll bring to ICE2021, so you can get a taste of what’s on offer at our 2021 conference. In these hour-long educational webinars, you learn more about each of our keynotes, what they do, and what they’ll be focusing on when they present at the conference this summer. The webinars are also an excellent opportunity to connect with other leaders who are interested in exploring the opportunities presented by the industrial circular economy.

Capture the Benefits of the Circular Economy

All businesses can increase their profitability by embracing the circular economy! Join Axios Growth Consultants founder Chris Legler for a free webinar that will show you how to rethink your business model and capture the benefits of the circular economy. In addition to a discussion about profit and cashflow improvement, Chris will introduce you to financing options for circular initiatives and environmentally focused companies, including venture capital, private equity and government grants.

Closing Circular Economy Loops On a Global Scale

A free webinar with James Woodcock, an international business sustainability leader who has managed dozens of industrial symbiosis projects around the world. Tune in to learn how he and his company, International Synergies, have worked with teams in over 25 countries to capture surplus resources generated by industrial processes and redirect them for use as a “new” input into another process, so nothing goes to waste.

Understanding Circular Economy from a Mining and Manufacturing Perspective

While the term circular economy may be relatively new, big companies have long embraced the fundamentals of circular thinking: reducing waste and pollution, keeping products in use, and helping to improve the natural environment where we operate.

Circular Economy in Everyday Life: Solutions to Reduce, Repair and Share

Learn about the new market insight and behaviour change tools that the Share, Reuse Repair Initiative (SRRI) is activating in partnership with Finnish circular innovation leader Sintra. These tools are key to mainstreaming circular behaviours and will expand our understanding of what it means to share, reuse and repair in daily life.

The Power of Purchasing for a Sustainable Future

Transition to a low-carbon, circular and just economy, more organizations need to think critically about what they buy, and who they buy from and embedding robust sustainability criteria in their decisions.

Changing procurement practices isn’t exactly an easy task. It can only happen successfully when the right internal stakeholders are engaged. What does that mean for you as a sustainability champion?