ICE 2021 Side Event

The Strategic Role of Data in Advancing a More Circular Economy for Metals in the Automotive Sector

With mining’s social and environmental footprint under increased scrutiny, downstream users and investors are calling for greater accountability and assurance about the impacts of mineral extraction. Meanwhile, new technological developments are enabling data systems to improve industrial efficiency, and provide transparency for key minerals.

Given the range of minerals and metals in vehicles, the automotive sector provides an ideal case study for these developments – particularly against a backdrop of increased commitment to responsible material stewardship, the circular economy, and emissions reductions. This workshop will explore applications of advanced data systems in automotive supply chains, and how they are enabling organizations to address stakeholder and purchaser opportunities/concerns.

This event is part of the Circular Economy Solutions Series and an official side event at the Industrial Circular Economy Conference 2021 (ICE2021) and will include a line-up of expert speakers, followed by interactive breakout discussions on (1) Policy options for enabling performance and tracing; (2) Technical and research needs for increasing the strategic use of data in the minerals & metals sector; and (3) Market drivers and barriers for wider adoption of tracing systems.

Sarah Houde, CEO, Propulsion Quebec

Ian Hudson, Head of Environment, Anglo American

Anne-Claire Howard, CEO, Responsible Steel

J.J. Messner de Latour, Senior Program Manager, Responsible Sourcing

Aimee Boulanger, Executive Director, Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance

Renata Arsenault, Senior Researcher, Electrification Subsystems and Power Supply, Ford Motors

Malcolm Shang, Global Mine Closure and Reclamation Specialist, Circular Economy Champion, ArcelorMittal

Ferdinand Geckeler, Senior Expert Sustainable Supply Chain Management, BMW Group

Ryan Forman, Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives Branch, Government of British Columbia

June 10, 2020  |  9:00 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. PT